If you’re looking for good web designers in Congleton, you’re spoiled for choice. There are many design agencies and individual web designers in Cheshire in general and in Congleton specifically, ranging greatly in terms of service offerings and, accordingly, price.

However, if you are a small localbusiness owner who needs to get an online presence quickly and on a small budget, we truly believe GreatSite 4U is your best option! Here are a few reasons why.

We are copywriters as well as web designers

Without meaning to offend anyone, web designers are not generally known for their English-writing skills. The same goes for graphic designers, illustrators and other arty professionals. I know this from experience, having worked as a proofreader with many graphic artists during my previous life at Yellow Pages. I met some of the nicest people and there were some brilliant artists among them – but they were generally not wordsmiths and their work would often be riddled with typos and grammatical errors. That’s why I was there!

So, when you pay other web designers in Congleton to create a website for you, there may be errors in the text – unless you provide them with perfect copy yourself, of course. Copy that sells your products and services well, contains the right keywords, is short and snappy and not full of jargon and waffle. To do this, you’ll need to be a professional copywriter yourself or you’ll have to pay one to write the copy for you.

But if you use GreatSite 4U, you get great copy first time, every time. We will professionally proofread it, too. And all for a much lower rate than you’ll find anywhere else, because we do it all in-house – nothing is subcontracted out.

You get a free listing on Congleton Connect

GreatSite 4U is a part of Full Media Ltd, a multimedia agency and book publisher based in Congleton. Full Media also own several business directories, and this includes Congleton Connect. A bit like Yell.com but focused solely on Congleton and Cheshire, Congleton Connect is a great place to advertise your local business, whether you’re a tradesman, freelancer, retailer or any other type of business owner.

There is normally a fee to join Congleton Connect, but if you get a website designed by GreatSite 4U you will get a featured listing on the directory for free as long as your website is live! Bonus!

We cost less than other web designers in Congleton

If you were to use other web designers in Congleton, it’s unlikely you’ll get a service as inexpensive as ours. Our niche is providing low-cost but attractive websites created in WordPress using the Divi theme, which enables us to create beautiful, fully functional sites quickly – and because we are also writers and proofreaders we can produce good content in record time. This all keeps costs down for you, the customer. Our web design service costs as little as £250 with free hosting, email and SSL certificate for the first year. After that it’s a mere £50 per year; gone are the days of having to invest thousands in a company website!

We are super-responsive

No matter how small your business, if you have a query or issue relating to your website, you’ll always get a quick reply from us. We pride ourselves on being friendly, helpful and responsive to all our clients. We’ve learned from our own dealings with web design agencies and web hosts that they are often very slow in resolving problems, which is beyond frustrating when you’re running a business and need quick answers. We would never do that to you. And also, as we are web designers in Congleton, we can always meet up to discuss any in-depth requirements that you may have.

We can also provide you with ongoing content

Again, as we are copywriters and proofreaders as well as WordPress web designers, we can go beyond creating a static website for you. We can also write regular blogs, press releases, newsletters or any other ongoing content you may require. This will save you a headache and free up more of your time to concentrate on the daily running of your business. Other web designers will create you a lovely site, no doubt, but they’d probably send you somewhere else for content – or they’ll outsource it and charge that bit extra on top.

To summarise, GreatSite 4U is a one-stop for local small businesses and one of the most cost-effective web design companies in Cheshire, offering professional web design, web hosting and copywriting services under one roof. And you will be hard pushed to find a more personal service at our competitive rates. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you build your online presence.

Nick Jones

Nick Jones

Owner of GreatSite 4U

Nick is a web designer and owner of GreatSite 4U. He is also an award-winning author, publisher, editor, proofreader and copywriter. Passionate about helping small businesses grow online.