Welcome to the GreatSite 4U blog where we will occasionally share our thoughts on the wonderful world of web design. We recently created this website to advertise our incredibly low-cost web design service for small businesses, and we thought it would be good to explain why, and how, our web design service is so affordable!

WHY is our web design so cheap?

We believe that in 2023, every business should have a website. We don’t subscribe to the notion that social media alone is enough to market a business. Every business has its own unique qualities, just as every business owner has their own personality. A website allows you to get that personality and uniqueness across, in your own little space on the ever-expanding, ever-more competive World Wide Web.

So, we established GreatSite 4U to fill a gap in the market and provide websites to all those business owners who think they can’t afford one or feel they don’t have the time to figure out how to create one themselves.

HOW is our web design so cheap?

We can keep our web design prices super-low because:

  • We are a small business working from home, so few overheads
  • We specialise in simple but professional web design so we can turn them around more quickly
  • We are copywriters, proofreaders and web designers: NOTHING is outsourced!
  • We use WordPress which is much faster than coding
  • We have other revenue streams such as business directories and book publishing
  • We love what we do!

Cheap doesn’t equal bad

I’ve explained how we manage to offer such a cheap web design service, but I’d like to add that while the service is inexpensive, that doesn’t mean it’s not high-quality. Our website copy is written and proofread by professionals, and Google is just as interested in content as it is design. So, if you want a functional site that clearly conveys what your business does, and is easy to read and navigate, get in touch today!