Websites for tradesmen are a must in 2023, just as they have been for over 20 years. In fact, they’re perhaps even more important now, following the demise of the Yellow Pages. People used to go straight to the big yellow book when they needed a plumber, builder, plasterer, professional ironer or any other tradesperson. Now they turn to the internet, and while Facebook and other social media channels have changed the landscape a little, the vast majority of tradesmen still require a website. So, what are the essential factors of effective websites for tradesmen?

Keep it simple

One important aspect of a tradesmen website is to keep it simple (but professional). When someone is looking for a plumber, for example, they will often be in a rush – their boiler may be on the blink or bath water might be leaking through the ceiling! Naturally, they will want to find help quickly in such a situation, so the more simple and clear your plumber website is, the more likely they are to contact you.

Show off your credentials

Another essential ingredient of websites for tradesmen is a showcase of the tradesmen’s credentials. This could include your number of years’ experience, the size of your team if you have one, and of course any qualifications, certifications and association memberships you have.

Share your customer reviews

Another great way to build trust in your website visitors is to display your customer reviews or testimonials. Nothing is as powerful as word of mouth, and online reviews are a relatively easy way to build a good reputation. Encourage every satisfied customer to write a review on a website such as Facebook or Google, then post the same on your actual website. Better still, put a few in a fairly large font on your home page so it’s one of the first things that people see. What a powerful (and free!) form of marketing that is.

Include calls to action

An obvious point, perhaps, but it’s essential on websites for tradsemen to include calls to action in prominent areas. A call to action is a phrase such as ‘Call us now on ….’ and ‘Get a free quote by emailing us on …. ‘ You need to encourage visitors to act, and you need to give them different contact options. Some people like to ring, others like to email or live chat, so include all of these methods of contact and signpost them with persuasive calls to action.

Add before and after photos of your work

If your trade involves making clear improvements to someone’s property or if your work is very creative and easy on the eye, such as a landscape gardener, it makes sense to include before and after photos of your work. Not only will this be aesthetically pleasing to visitors, but it will also provide them with concrete evidence that you are good at what you do, and what can be a more powerful testament of your abilities than that?

Websites for tradesmen – the key is trust

I’ve shared five features that I believe every tradesmen’s website should have. Whatever you include, the most important function of a website for tradesemen is to convey trust, and that’s where we can help. We have created websites for roofers in Congleton, uPVC spraying in Cheshire and landscaping in Winchmore Hill to name a few. If you are a tradeseman and would like GreatSite 4U to create you a simple but professional website which shows off your credentials, includes your customer reviews, has strong calls to action and features a gallery of your previous work, get in touch today!