GreatSite 4U is a unique business in that it provides web design, web hosting, copywriting and website proofreading – all by one person. While web design agencies may employ a team that can offer these different skills, they are likely to be 1. more expensive because the whole team needs to get paid, and 2. unable able to provide as friendly and personal a service.

Back in 2004, long before I started designing WordPress websites, I set up a proofreading business. It’s called Full Proof and it’s still going strong today. I proofread for the likes of DHL, McCain, Bayer, Royal Mail and MINI, and while my web design services are very much aimed at small businesses, I still believe that professionally written, error-free content is essential in web design. Here are a few reasons why I believe website proofreading is a must during the web design process:

Website proofreading makes your site look professional

If your website is littered with typos, poor grammar and incorrect punctuation, you are going to give would-be customers a negative first impression. And with broadband speeds getting faster and faster, and people’s attention spans getting shorter and shorter, those first impressions count more than ever. That would-be customer will be on to the next website before you know it. A proofreader will remove this risk of losing leads by ensuring that your content is error-free.

A website proofreader will help you be concise

One of the key factors in copywriting for websites is to keep your sentences short and punchy. This is hard to do, especially when you’re talking about your own business. It’s OK to let that passion pour out of you, but as we said in point 1, people’s attention spans are getting shorter, so don’t waffle. Allow a proofreader or editor to read through your copy and find ways to shave off some words to keep that content fast and effective!

You can avoid repetition

Another no-no with web copy is repetition. While some repeated words are fine – you have to get those all-important keywords in there a few times, after all – you need to avoid saying the same thing over and over. Visitors will be bored if you repeat yourself, but it can be tricky to spot repetition in your own writing. A good proofreader will spot it a mile off and will suggest ways around it – such as using synonyms or deleting redundant words or sentences altogether.

You’ll ensure consistency

Many people think proofreaders are just there to correct spelling mistakes. Wrong! There are numerous other factors of your website content that they will look at, and a big one is consistency of style. If you tend to use a mix of UK and US spellings, or if you write ‘five’ one minute and ‘5’ the next, a proofreader will iron this out for you. Inconsistency looks unprofessional, but it’s so easily done – especially if your web copy has been created by various different authors. Make sure your brand’s online presence has one ‘voice’ and get a proofreader to highlight any style issues.

Website proofreading helps you get it right first time

Mistakes can be costly. Rather than hoping for the best, pay a proofreader to check your whole website before it goes live. It’s likely they will find errors and it’s best to pick them up before you publish. Sure, you can always edit website content, but if you scrimp on the proofreading process, who knows how many potential customers will spot mistakes and go elsewhere before someone is kind enough to tell you about them?

GreatSite 4U provide free proofreading of customers’ content at the point of website creation. We can also proofread your existing web copy at a competive rate. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Nick Jones

Nick Jones

Owner of GreatSite 4U

Nick is a web designer and owner of GreatSite 4U. He is also an award-winning author, publisher, editor, proofreader and copywriter. Passionate about helping small businesses grow online.