There are many factors that affect a website’s SEO rankings, and it’s easy to get bamboozled by them. Especially when search engines like Google never reveal exactly what the factors are. But one factor that is very simple and straightforward is domain age.



What is domain age?



As you probably guessed, domain age is very self-explanatory. It’s how long a domain name has been registered. Search engines take this into account when evaluating a website, along with how long a website has been attached to that domain.



The reason why search engines care about domain age is pretty obvious. An older website that’s attached to a well-established domain name strongly suggests that it’s credible. After all, an unprofessional, unreliable organisation is not likely to stand the test of time, so the same applies to websites. We assume that a site that’s been around for years must be doing something right if it’s staying in business!



The older the domain, the better your SEO



The reward for being favoured by search engines is that your website will appear higher in the organic search results. As I said at the start, there are many factors that affect your sites’ ranking and I’ll cover some of them in another post. But domain age is the one that you can fix today by simply registering the domain name that you want. And then, the sooner you attach a website to it, the better your chances of beating the competition.



The clock is ticking – what are you waiting for?



There really is no good reason to not have a website for your business in 2022 – and putting it off until tomorrow is only going to hold you back in the long run. if you’re a small business owner with no website, you should get a website TODAY to increase your search engine rankings tomorrow – and forever after that. Contact us today for a ridiculously competitive quote!




Nick Jones

Nick Jones

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